Upravit stránku


He was born in the year when the ten-second barrier for the hundred meters was broken in his homeland – Switzerland. In this year the spy plane, U2, was shot down, and Gagarin had less than a year left before his flight into space.
He began flying paragliders in 1989 however his aviation experience started with parachuting and flying light aircraft. After finishing his military service, he devoted himself fully to paragliding.
In 1989 he started to design and construct gliders. He produced a whole series of successful models.
Alexandre is the head designer at the company. He lives in Switzerland not far from Villneuve, and as well as development, he is also responsible for the sales and service of the company’s products.
He spends most of his leisure time with his wife, and together they enjoy alpine hiking and rideing bicycles.


Jana was born in the year when Pablo Picasso died in Paris, the Vietnam war ended with a ceasefire and Duke Elington published auto biography.
Jana was flying in the early days of Sky mainly in the Beskydy mountains where she made her first flights.

She manages many company aspects; financial, personel, as well as leading the customer service team.

In her free time she rides her mountain bike, reads books and chiefly takes care of her children.