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  • Coupe Icare 2018
    Moments from Coupe Icare 2018 
  • Coupe Icare Festival 2018
    Again, after a year, we are closer to the time when all paragliding enthusiasts gather from all corners of the globe, at the most significant free...
  • New Sky accessories

    Make your flying more comfortable, more safe and more enjoyable with new SKY accessories.

  • KOOKY voucher

    Do you want to improve your flying or to learn new tricks? With KOOKY purchase we have a gift for you - KOOKY Voucher for one free day of training...

  • Website about Z-BLADE is online
    Web article about our new product Z-BLADE is online. Please have a look on it.
  • AEON EN-D glider

    Sometimes we feel the urge to compete, sometimes we wish to be better during studies, sometimes better at work and some pilots want to compete in