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  • Olaf Bleibtreu and his Cape to Cairo Paramotor Expedition.

    The first-ever attempt to fly the legendary Cape to Cairo route in a paramotor along the east coast of Africa over a stretch of 12000km and 13...

  • ZOE 13 and 15
    More agile, more dynamic, simply more fun!
  • METIS  4, brand new EN B tandem glider

    Do you accumulate a lot of commercial flights per day?

    Do you need to stay fresh and in good shape for the next day?

    METIS  4 is our brand


  • Who are Double Dutch Skyracers?

    In the PPG world of competitions between the pylons, they are not any more rookies.

    Right now they are racing on Paramotor Slalom Polish Open


  • ZOE, the mini wing

    If you want to descend the hill after a mountain climb or run, if you want to glide, if you want to have fun with dynamic and agile turns but...


    Would you like to adjust your harness properly before you fly? Do you want to make sure you will feel comfy in the air?