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SKY SPARE reserve parachutes are manufactured from the best materials available on the market.

  • Product description

    Thanks to 9082 material with zero porosity (by French manufacturer Porcher Marine) was achieved an exceptionally low sink rate while using a smaller area.

    Smaller area of course meant weight loss of reserve parachute. With this comes not only the convenience for a pilot who does not have to carry bulky and heavy reserve parachutes, but also smaller area has a major impact on safety. It is known that reserve parachutes with less open space perform much faster!

    SKY SPARE is a parachute of classic circular structure with the central cord. During development, we looked for simplest technical solutions. Simplicity in this case ensures error-free use and long life.

    SKY SPARE reserve parachute is certified according to EN 12491 test, which is considered as the most demanding test.

  • Technical info
    Area (m2)24.830.635.051.6
    Number of panels14141620
    Flight weight max. (kg)85105135200
    Recommended take-off weight (kg)60-7575-9595-120135-180
    Sink rate (m/s)4.5-5.04.5-5.04.5-5.04.5-5.0
    Weight (kg)
    CertificationEN 12491EN 12491EN 12491EN 12491
  • Materials


    • 9082 zero porosity double calendaring fabric from Porcher Marine.
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