Upravit stránku

Cyprián Koreň designed both carabiners and TRANSFORMER harness where we are using new carabiners for the first time. He is right person for couple of questions.

Is the carabiners job and TRANSFORMER design connected somehow?

The carabiner has been developed in regard to the new harnesses straps concept, where the side strap is also connected to the carabiner together with the main strap. This concept requires shaping to keep the carbiner and the straps itself in the correct position. A new carabiner has been developed especially for the TRANSFORMER harness and for the next new harnesses because it matters on the details.

What was the biggest challenge while designing TRANSFORMER?

The biggest challenge on the TRANSFORMER job was great comfort and perfect balance in both ways of usage (with or without a speedbag) and also achieving a clean shape of the harness, whether or not the harness pocket is full of things.

Please have a look on our new carabiners from the sketch to the first pieces.
Carabiners are specially designed for paragliding harnesses with multiple straps attached to the main carbiners.

Have you tested TRANSFORMER yet?