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  • Coupe Icare Festival 2018
    Again, after a year, we are closer to the time when all paragliding enthusiasts gather from all corners of the globe, at the most significant free...
  • Website about Z-BLADE
    Web article about our new product Z-BLADE is online. Please have a look on it.

    Manchmal fühlen wir einfach die Notwendigkeit, uns zu messen: beim Studium, in der Arbeit und manche Piloten möchten auch bei ihren

  • Importance of the small details

    Small things are sometimes hidden or not visible, sometimes we are just not counting them as important. But often they are more important than we


    Erinnern Sie sich an Ihr erstes Fahrrad? Es war toll, oder? War es rot? Oder blau? Wir bei SKY PARAGLIDERS denken, dass Technologie und präzise

  • Stubai Cup 2018

    We would like to thank you for your visit during the Stubai Cup 2018 !

    It was really nice to see your smile and happiness - the most inspiring