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AXEL is a comfortable harness for beginners as well as for advanced pilots. It is very comfortable, allowing easy seating for the pilot after take-off.
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    Easy walking during the take off, as well as an easy getting out of` the paraglide after landing has been achieved by a careful search for the ideal strap harness construction.

    A wide range of harness sizes and adjustment enables selection of an almost tailor-made harness for any user – see the sizes.

    Rescue parachute is located under the seating board with a rigid easily accessible handle. The harness has a sufficiently large back pocket for carrying a backpack and other equipment. The harness has a separate room for the foam spine-protector to put in with fasteners inside the harness.

    The side pockets can carry another pair of gloves or your camera.

    This harness can be equipped with a front instrument holder which is delivered only on demand.

    Weight of the AXEL is 5,15 kg with the back protector / 4,45 kg without the back protector (for the M size).

    The delivery of the harness consists of:

    • Speed system with the speed system hooks
    • The main carbines
    • Back protector (17 cm)

    You can have a close look at the animated 3D model of the harness.

  • Infos techniques
    AXEL140–155 cm156–170 cm171–185 cm186–200 cm200 cm - ...
    0 -50 kg-S---
    51–60 kgSSMM-
    61–70 kgSMML-
    71–80 kgMMMLXL
    81–90 kgMMLLXL
    91–100 kg-LLXLXL
    101–110 kg-LXLXL-
    111–120 kg--XL--
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