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AYA – New  top end  EN-A glider


We designed AYA as a user friendly wing which will inspire confidence and show you the magic and fun of free flight, while being forgiving to heavy handed handling. AYA is a Sport Line, mid EN/LTF A glider, which also offers usable performance to suit intermediate pilots looking for top passive safety while flying XCs. It has a precise and great fun handling which makes it easy to thermal in both weak and strong thermals.

Main features:

  • Reinforced Leading Edge - Nylon rods in the leading edge keep the cells open at all times resulting in the canopy inflating faster when taking off, or recovering from a collapse.
  • 3D shaping of the leading edge - The canopy is clean and smooth which increases the performance by a significant amount.
  • Proven three and half rows and three-risers line concept with split A-risers for easier ears. 
  • Made of very durable fabric - Top surface – Dokdo 30, bottom -  Dokdo 20.
  • Lightweight - Only 4.65 kg for M size.
  • Six bright colour combinations for your safety – be well seen in the air and on the ground.