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Who are Double Dutch Skyracers and what they do? 

Double Dutch Skyracers started back at the beginning of 2019. We decided it was time to build a team that represented the Dutch enthusiasm for slalom flying. As said we created a team that would become an icon for the things we love and represented by the brands we most enjoy.

Since when are you active?

We have been flying paramotor since the year 2015/2016. In our hearts, we were always drawn to adventure and adrenaline. Flying paramotor has since been more and more fitting to this category. Especially when we discovered the world of slalom in 2018 in Egypt.

PPG is a typical choice of flying in PG community in the Netherlands? I mean more often than free flight?

As the Netherlands is known for its flats lands I’m sure you can imagine difficulty finding mountains to glide from. Although we have a winch/free fly community, most of us prefer to strap an engine to our backs. However, this doesn’t stop us from enjoying the best parts of free-flying during our vacations.

What are your goals and your achievements already? 

We have become progressively better and better between the pylons. This thanks to the amazing equipment and attended training in Greece. We’ve grown to fly in the top 30 to the top 20 in two short years.

How far COVID-19 affected your training and race schedule this year?   

Sadly COVID started to pop-up right as we were preparing to leave for our slalom training in Greece. Luckily we were able to organize (through all difficulties) one mini-training in our country. Furthermore, the World Championship Paramotor Slalom in the Czech Republic got canceled due to well COVID. But with good hopes, we plan to go to Poland for the Polish Open Paramotor Slalom Championships and with this enjoy some good racing and true friendship.(Editor's note - Harold and Jillis have already completed the first day of the race in Poland)

How did you get in contact with Sky? And what was the reason to fly our gliders? 

It all started out looking for a safe alternative to the paramania GTS but with more performance aimed at slalom flying. This was the moment the Sky Paragliders Z-BLADE came to our doorstep and immediately we felt potential for this wing. As anticipated the glider performed much better than what we were used to. However, this wing, the smallest at the time, was still too big for our needs. Thus after contacting Sky Paragliders, they decided to make us a new smaller model. Our first impressions with this glider where incredible, the speed, agility, and above all safety fell right in our hearts. And so ever since we fly Sky.

What are your plans? 

Our plans for the future are first of all to progress further in qualifying for slalom. As we gain more and more experience we hope to chase the top 10. Furthermore, we would like to assist Sky Paragliders in becoming a well-known brand in the paramotor community. But most of all enjoy our passion and share our experiences with the world.

Thank you for your answers. And we wish you a quick entry among the top 10 competition pilots.