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SKY SYSTEM Is a reliable rescue parachute with a quick opening and good sink rate.

  • Product description

    The SKY SYSTEM rescue models have well proven their reliability over the last four years. Tens of openings in real flight conditions have shown that the Sky System parachutes offer an ideal compromise as far as quick openings and a good sink rate are concerned.

    The use of more affordable materials as well as a more simple manufacturing methods yields especially good value.

  • Technical info
    SKY SYSTEM90110135
    Area (m2)26,331,235,7
    Number of panels141416
    Flight weight max.  (kg)90110135
    Sink rate (m/s)5,0-5,55,0-5,55,0-5,5
    Weight (kg)1,681,952,25
    CertificationAFNOR S52-318AFNOR S52-318AFNOR S52-318
  • Materials
    • canopy: Paracal (SEDATEX, Spain)
    • lines: 10 strands lines out of Nylon 6
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