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SKY DRIVE is a steerable DHV certified reserve that stows into a standard container.

  • Product description

    SKY DRIVE is a steerable DHV certified reserve. The design comes for the DELTAS concept. But with SKY DRIVE the pilot does not need special risers, any kind of release system or special container – you just easily pack it into your harness.

    The reserve is to be packed into a standard inner container and the whole system could be accommodated in the front, side or back pocket of your harness.

    Its weight is comparable to the minimum weight of rival products and it weighs only 2.4 kg.

    Main advantages using the system:

    • Easy to control your flight
    • Low weight 
    • Possibility to accommodate within a usual harness and no need to use special release systems
    • Very fast openings
  • Technical info
    Surface (m2)26
    Weight (kg)2.55
    Min. and max. flight weight (kg)70-110
    Max. speed before deployment (km/h)115
    Max. sink rate with the 110 kg load (m/s)5.3
    Ma. speed when loaded with 110 kg (m/s)5.4
    CeretificationDHV (GS-02-0109-04)
  • Materials
    • canopy: 9082 cloth (Porcher Marine, France)
    • canopy reinforcements: 13, 15 and 25 mm webbings (Stap, Czech Republic)
    • main lines: 4 mm polyamid line (Lanex Bolatice, Czech Republic)
    • straps: 25 mm polyamid strap (Mouka, Czech Republic)
    • quick links: Maillon 4500N (Peguet, France)
    • container: PES material (Hedva, Czech Republic)
  • FAQ

    As we have more and more questions „How does it work with SKY DRIVE?“, „How come you are not using special buckles?“, etc., we would like to come with short questions and answers form to answer all your questions…

    Do I have to have special risers or release system or carbines?

    No, definitely not, SKY DRIVE is designed for easy deployment without any special risers or expansive carbines…

    What do I do with the main canopy?

    You do the same, what you have to do with your usual round shaped rescue – you just try to collapse the wing so it does not inflate any more…

    Can I put it into any kind of container of my harness?

    Yes, you can place it within any suitable container of you harness, regardless if this is side, front back or front. All the SKY Paragliders harnesses were tested with SKY DRIVE and these are pretty well compatible.

    How do I attach DRIVE with the harness?

    You should use special carbines (quick links) to link the shoulder strap of the harness and risers of the SKY DRIVE.

    Is it heavy?

    Not at all, it is only 2.4 kg, really that is true…

    Is it DHV certified?

    Yes, it is DHV 100 Kg certified rescue system.

    Is it difficult to pack after deployment?

    Well, some training and also some experience might be needed but is not more difficult than the round shape…

    How do I control the flight?

    SKY DRIVE is provided with two handles – similar system to the skydiving chutes – you just pull left or right and before the landing you try to pull both brakes to stall and enable the canopy some flare, even if we would like to make clear that this is the rescue system, not the glider, therefore you do expect great flying characteristics…

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