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REVERSE 4 takes our reversible harness to the next level of comfort and convenience. REVERSE 4 now allows even easier and neater reversibility thanks to the redesigned airbag, seat board and back section.

Harness weight

  • Product description

    REVERSE 4 takes our reversible harness to the next level of comfort and convenience.

    REVERSE 4 now allows even easier and neater reversibility thanks to the redesigned airbag, seat board and back section. The airbag system offers high levels of security due to its semi pre-inflated design which now utilises nylon rod and Mylar forming technology. Not only has the reversibility been improved but the whole system is now lighter too.

    The new geometry of the accelerator routing ensures a slick application of the speed bar with minimal friction.

    All these new features, plus the new graphics, place the REVERSE 4 into our Comfort-line series with style and functionality.

    Main distinctive features:

    • all-in-one combined backpack and harness
    • integrated reserve pocket and airbag protection
    • anatomically designed rucksack mode for long hikes
    • integrated utility fixings for drinks system, trekking poles, ice axe & helmet
    • ready to accept fitting of SPEED BAG and EXTRA TOP POCKET to increase the in-flight comfort and to accommodate  more gear for your hike & fly adventures
    • certification EN / LTF

    REVERSE 4 is supplied in S, M, L and XL sizes, please check the recommended size table. Choosing the correct size of the harness is crucial to offer the best comfort of the harness to the pilot, therefore it is highly recommended to try the harness first before you buy. Please contact your dealer for advice.

    The harness/backpack can also be customised to the pilot’s individual needs with various accessories, such as the speedbag / leg coverextra top pocket and foot rest.

    The harness is delivered with:

    • speed system - standard
    • main carabines 45 mm
    • integrated Handy Kit – includes packing line for easy installation of a reserve into the container, spare loops section and safety O rings to secure the pins

    Please check the Accessories section for more information about the harness - reserve connection.

    Colour options:

    • Blue
    • Red
  • Technical info
    Pilot´s height (cm)152-168163-183175-196188-210
    Board width (cm)333537.540
    Board depth (cm)34.537.039.541.0
    Suspension points height (cm)42454851
    Chest strap range (cm)36-4339-4641-4841-50
    Harness weight (kg)*
    CertificationEN / LTFEN / LTFEN / LTFEN / LTF
    * Total weight including speed system and main carabines.
  • Accessories

    A - Main carabiners

    B - Container for reserve is fully integrated

    C - The harness could be equipped with the following reserves (not included):

    The following parts are NOT included in the scope of delivery.

    To accommodate the reserve you will need:

    D - V riser

    E - V riser - reserve connection 

    F - V riser - harness connection

  • Materials

    Strap system: mouka Tisnov

    Main material & Air bag part: nylon fabric

    Backpack part: 70D ripstop nylon

    Buckles and carbiners: Finsterwalder, AustriAlpin

    Zippers: YKK

  • R&D comments

    The REVERSE harness has come a long way since its first conception all those seasons ago. Evolving into todays version 4 model has been a work of art in progress. With the feedback from hundreds of hours of in field testing, the advent of new materials and new vision within our R&D team, significant imporovements have been made to this latest version.

    The design brief to improve the REVERSE 4 was simple. The task to complete it was not so simple.

    Rework the airbag so that the reversability is improved with at least the same high level of security and pre-inflation, yet improve both the in-flight and hiking comfort at the same time.

    • shave off some weight
    • improve the accelerator function
    • create a cleaner look

    We have managed to achieve all these modifications in this new version of REVERSE 4.

    The newly designed airbag still offers really amazing results in G impact values and of course, REVERSE benefits from our very precise CAD and laser cutting technology to deliver to you the finest generation of Reverse ever.

    We are sure you will appreciate the improvements when you make your next hike up the mountain and take your first steps into the air on board the new REVERSE 4.

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