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REVERSE is a reversible harness bag that's light, comfortable and has an innovative 10 mm back protector combined with an airbag.
  • Product description

    REVERSE harness has changed the concept of harnesses. It's an all in one glider bag that converts to a light and comfortable harness with a reassuring airbag and an innovative 10 mm back protector made from ultra-dense (impact-resistant) foam.

    REVERSE delivers the advantages and safety of a traditional airbag harness with foam back protection by combining the two systems. What you experience is maximum comfort and safety.

    The main distinctive features are:

    • Paragliding bag and harness – all in one
    • Fully comfortable and functional bag to accommodate any standard sized equipment
    • Comfortable strap system for long hikes to mountain take offs and vol bivouac adventures
    • Airbag
    • ABS system
    • Special design of carbon seat board
    • Very light – only 2.3 kg (weight of the main carabiners excluded)
    • Two side pockets within easy in-flight reach
    • 25 mm straps and buckles – all light
    • T-system for the safety chest strap system
    • Available in 3 sizes
    • Ready for easy attachment of the front container 

    Material used: Cordura and Cordura light rip stop

    The harness is supplied with:

    • The main carabiners 
    • Speed system 

    Optional and recommended accessories:

    • V risers to connect the reserve V risers for rescue or V risers – dyneema strap 
    • Maillon 6.0 CI (rectangular)
    • Maillon 5.0 DI (triangle) 
    • Front container for rescue (according to the type of rescue) – light front container or standard front container

    The harness is recommended to be used with SKY SPARE light or SKY SYSTEM II in the front container.

  • Technical info
    REVERSE140-155 cm156-170 cm171-185 cm186-200 cm
    up to 50 kgS--
    51–60 kgSSML
    61–70 kgSMML
    71–80 kgMMML
    81–90 kgMMLL
    91–100 kg-LL-
  • Accessories

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