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REVEL 2 follows from the REVEL and is destined for occasional pilots and XC pilots but it's even the first harness choice of new pilots
  • Product description

    REVEL 2 is a follow-up of REVEL which gained its popularity with a wide range of pilots – occasional pilots and XC pilots and it has even served as the first harness for new pilots.

    The design team aimed to keep all the popular features and bring some new details and design advantage to the REVEL 2 so it's been completely redesigned. It now includes the new Four S – SKY SAFETY STRAP SYSTEM, a new rescue container under the seat board, adjustment points for easy, comfortable or sporty adjustment of the harness, new materials and last but not least – a new eye catching design.

    The main features are:

    • Low weight – 4.7 kg in M size (complete harness – with back protector, main carabiners, speed system, foot rest)
    • Special 14 cm back protection
    • ABS system
    • Comfort and several adjustment points
    • Rescue in the centre of gravity with a smart flap system
    • Side pockets for easy reach in flight (fluids, food)
    • Compact design

    REVEL 2 is supplied in S, M and L size; please check the recommended size table. Comfort is crucial when choosing the size of the harness and it is highly recommended you try before you buy. Ask your dealer for size advice.

    The harness is delivered with:

    • 14 cm back protector
    • Speed system and two hooks
    • Foot rest
    • Main carabiners

    The harness could be equipped with:

    • SKY LITE
    • SKY SPARE light

    Please check the Accessories section for more information about the harness - reserve connection.

  • Technical info
    Pilot´s height (cm)140-165155-180175-200
    Board width (cm)30.832.734.8
    Board depth (cm)36.939.341.8
    Suspension points height (cm)384042
    Chest strap range (cm)35-4537.5-47.540-50
    Harness weight* (kg)4.504.704.70
    CertificationEN 1651EN 1651EN 1651
    * Total harness weight (includes harness, protector, carbines, speed system, rescue risers) 
  • Accessories

    To accommodate the reserve you will need:

    A - Main carabiners:

    • 2x main carabiner 45 mm included in harness delivery

    B - Container for reserve:

    • integrated in the harness

    C - Reserve:

    The harness could be equipped with:

    • SKY LITE
    • SKY SPARE light

    D - V-riser:

    • V-riser for a reserve included in the harness delivery

    E - V-riser - reserve connection:

    • 1x maillon 6,0 Cl rectangular + 1x rubber band included in SKY SYSTEM II / SKY SPARE light delivery; must be acquired in case of SKY LITE  

    F - V-riser - harness connection:

    • included in the harness delivery

    Optional accessories:

    • Map and instrument holder
    • Camel bag (not available from SKY)
  • Download
    REVEL 2 type certificatepdf

    LAA CR cetification

    REVEL 2 certificationpdf

    EN / LTF certificates

    REVEL 2 manualpdf

    CZ / EN

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