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REVEL - During the development of REVEL it was mainly the comfort of the pilot and the passive safety features that were hugely emphasized.
  • Product description

    Harness REVEL went through demanding tests and some of the tests we applied for the harness were even more tough than all the usual routines during the certification tests. The targeted maximal safety is connected with the easy reach of the rescue releaser. Therefore we have accommodated the rescues parachute under the seat, as we consider this the best place.

    The release handle is reinforced and one can reach it even when wearing gloves. The standard releaser position is on the right side of the harness, but can be manufactured on the left hand side on demand.

    The harness is equipped with a big pocket for storing the rucksack and carrying some other stuff. The pocket is also equipped with a special pouch for a 2-litre-CAMELBAGTM. The harness is supplied with the two level speed system with a releasing system that makes the takes off very easy and comfortable, saving the pilots nerves when the speed system is blocked by some obstacles at the take off sites. There is the ABS system applied. The range of the active banking could be adjusted by the chest strap setting.

    Harness is ready for easy attachment of the map holder or watter ballast container that are not covered in the standard delivery. Weight of the REVEL is 5,4 kg with the back protector / 4,65 kg without the back protector. (for the M size)

    The delivery of the harness consists of:

    • Speed system with the speed system hooks
    • The main carbines
    • Back protector (17 cm)
  • Technical info
    REVEL140–155 cm156–170 cm171–185 cm186–200 cm200 cm - ...
    0 -50 kg-S---
    51–60 kgSSMM-
    61–70 kgSMML-
    71–80 kgMMMLXL
    81–90 kgMMLLXL
    91–100 kg-LLXLXL
    101–110 kg-LXLXL-
    111–120 kg--XL--
  • Accessories
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