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PORTER – simple, eye catching, reliable and comfortable bag.

  • Product description

    PORTER 2007 is based on the same idea that proved to be the best in the previous generation of the bag – simple, eye catching, reliable and comfortable.

    The main distinctive features are:

    • the shape and volume is optimized to meet most of all the everyday pilots’ demands
    • new design of the bag cap
    • adjustment strap system for easy volume control
    • comfortable shoulder straps and lumbar part
    • plastic cover pocket for vouchers
    • new zipper pocket on the top part of the cap
    • new ROKERIN material – lighter and more reliable
    • special bottom part reinforcement material for heavy duty
    • weight cca. 1250 grams

    The bag is available with each gliders for free. There are two sizes available at the moment L and XL sizes.

    L size is delivered with all the single gliders; XL sizes are delivered with tandem gliders only. In case you would like to have the XL size for the single glider, please specify your order with your dealer.

  • Technical info
    PORTER (2007-2012)ABC
     MEASUREMENTS:50–60 cm    50–60 cm100–110 cm (110–120 cm – size XL)
  • Materials
    • ROKERIN – PVC and PUR coated materials
    • YKK – zippers
    • MUREXIN – plastic buckles