Upravit stránku

Dear Pilots,
Life is change; change is life. You are now browsing through our new website. We had been working on the unique visual presentation long time, and we wanted to create modern, easy to navigate website. Our site still combines product presentations and articles/blogs that focus on issues that require more space and concentration in today's fast-paced world. We in Sky Paragliders believe that the passion for flying we share sometimes need more than well-phrased marketing claims and that is why we structured the articles blog into easy to navigate chapters which will bring detailed information about technical, social and manufacturing aspects of our work. 
The site is online for about a month, and we would nevertheless appreciate if you tell us how you like it, what errors you found and what we should improve. It is only you, our pilots, friends and team members, who can make it user-friendly, correct and easy to read and navigate and enjoy. 
Sincerely yours, SKY TEAM