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30 mm MAIN CARABINERS are supplied with the REVERSE, SKYLIGHT TOURIST and TWIN harnesses. The carabiners could also be used with the SKYLIGHT harnesses as an optional accessory.
  • Product description

    30 mm main carabiners are supplied with the SKYLIGHTERSKYLIGHT tourist and TWIN harness. The carabiners could also be used with the SKYLIGHT 2 harnesses as an optional accessory.

    All the carabiners are produced by SUP AIR who have a long tradition in the production of harnesses and paragliding accessories.

    Each carabiner is individually tested with the tension of 1000 daN and each piece is produced with the production number (to enable easy tracking in case of a defect or recall). The nominal strength of the carabiner is 1800 daN. All the carabiners are supplied with the safety locks (slide the screw down and turn the screw a 1/4 turn).