Upravit stránku


Determination, will, and experience are the main attributes that led him to the Acro Throne!


Exactly one year ago, who would have predicted this situation now... At that time eLuke was basically one month after his accident. He suffered broken vertebrae and although he went through a successful surgery no one had a clue when he would start to fly again. 

Later, when we met in winter he assured me with words: "I'll come back much stronger!" I took his words as an expression of the absence of flying and thirst for the life of a young pilot. But this 22-year-old guy impressed me with his confidence well-balanced with modesty. As the season started and the first results appeared, he commented: "I think I can make it." 

 Yes, and he did it!

Absolutely deserved victory and an excellent fight with your idols - rivals and buddies at the same time!


Luke, you and KOOKY 2 seem to be a perfect match! Your consistent form and symbiosis with the glider paid off!




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