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Flat aspect ratio


Triple 3D cut

3D shaping of the leading edge for a clean foil. 2 cuts on the top surface, 1 on lower.


Leading Edge Optimization. Composite nose construction bringing precise tension, pressure & structure.

V Bridge System

Optimized load distribution for a cleaner foil.

Weight of the glider


Take-off weight


KEA - a truly lightweight wing - offers real-world performance for enjoyable thermalling, XC-flying and technical mountain launches without compromising safety, handling or durability. Our new KEA (EN B / LTF B) is the first choice for mountaineers, travellers and all pilots who love to fly light.
  • Product description

    KEA is easy to fly - it is designed for a wide range of uses. The KEA (EN B / LTF B) is designed for pilots, who fly at least 30 hours per year and who are looking for a wing that combines ease of operation with fun handling, good performance, high safety and general versatility.

    The KEA´s light materials and clever design result in a light wing that can be packed very small and delivers a high degree of passive safety. It will be the first choice for mountaineers, travellers and all pilots who love to fly light.

    In flight the KEA shines with efficiency, homogeneity and pure pleasure. It´s precise handling allows the pilot to feel the air and use the wing´s full potential without needing to take risks. The KEAprovides comfortable pitch damping while being agile and precise - the perfect combination for long enjoyable flights; even if conditions are occasionally demanding.

    The main distinctive features are:

    • very low weight (3.3 kg in size M)
    • exceptional performance in its class (8.8 glide ratio according to independent tests)
    • good penetration into headwind
    • typical SKY fun handling
    • ample speed range for valley-crossings and serious alpine conditions
    • high passive safety
    • low bulk when packed thanks to Adiprene nose reinforcements instead of nylon rods
    • easy to operate with gloves thanks to friendly 20mm wide risers and roomy brake handles

    The KEA complements ideally with a REVERSE 3 harness and a SKY LITE reserve for the ultimate light gear.

    Each glider is delivered with:

  • Technical Data
    Flat area (m2)23.2025.0026.9429.02
    Flat span (m)10.7211.1211.5511.99
    Flat aspect ratio4.954.954.954.95
    Projected surface (m2)20.5722.1623.8825.73
    Projected span (m)8.859.199.549.90
    Projected aspect ratio3.813.813.813.81
    Number of cells46464646
    Weight of the glider (kg)3.153.303.503.70
    Take-off weight (kg)58-8073-9588-110103-130
    Trim speed (km/h)36-3736-373737
    Min. speed (km/h)23232323
    Max.speed (km/h)49495050
    Max. gliding ratio> 8.5> 8.5> 8.5> 8.5
    Min. sink rate (m/s)< 1.15< 1.15< 1.15< 1.15
    CertificationEN B / LTF B
  • Colours
  • Materials



    • Upper gallery: Top line ultimate 16175 (Dyneema ®); Cousin, France
    • Lower galleries: PPSL 160 (1.4 mm) and PPSL 200 (1.42 mm), Dyneema ® covered lines; LIROS, Germany
    • Brake lines: 7850-080 (1.0 mm) and 7850-200 (1.6 mm), Dyneema ® covered lines; EDELRID, Germany



  • R&D team comments

    Our first mountaineering wing CIMA and the new KEA have little in common: Different airfoil, different planform, different vault - they are as dissimilar as two paragliders can be. In flight, the KEA offers much more than just better performance. Higher trim speed and better maximum speed (+10%), the glide polar has been improved over the whole speed range and the ability of the KEA to maintain its glide into a headwind is improved significantly over its predecessor.

    We have purposely kept the aspect ratio low to ensure easy launching and straightforward handling. We achieved good performance without resorting to unsheathed lines; difficult to spot on snow or dry grass. Instead the KEA´s coloured lines make sorting a breeze. Only the upper cascades, those lines that lay on top of the wing before take-off, are unsheathed.

    Yes, we utilize the so-called "3D-shapings. SKY has been using this technique since 2005, without making a big marketing fuss about it ...

    The light 27 g/m2-cloth used everywhere except the leading edge is more sensitive to UV and to abrasion. The ageing of a KEA will depend mainly on the treatment it experiences: Carefully handled, packed and stored, the lifespan of a KEA can be close to that of a heavier paraglider made from standard materials.

  • Download
    KEA manualpdf

    CZ / EN / DE / FR

    KEA LTF certificationpdf

    LTF certificate

    KEA certificationpdf

    EN certificate

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