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GII 2 NEW GEN - Second generation of our number one school harness, GII 2, coming in new generation! Our old GII underwent much more than just a facelift – enlarged airbag, strap reduction and brand new padding are some of the upgrades you could look forward to.
  • Product description

    We present a second generation of our popular school harness GII 2. Reduced straps, enlarged airbag and padding for more comfort are just few of numerous upgrades our designers prepared for you. The harnesses are designed in three sizes covering pilots from 150 to 200 cm of height, being an excellent choice not only for flying schools and beginning pilots, but as well for all who just like simple solutions. GII 2 can be used as a tandem passenger harness and make a complete set with the TWIN harness.

    The main distinctive features are:

    • Upgraded airbag
    • Low weight
    • Padding for more comfort in the air
    • High stability in the rough air
    • Improved access to reserve pocket
    • High quality of materials used
    • Sizes S, M and L
    • EN / LTF certification 

    The harnesses are delivered with:

    • Handy kit
    • Sky USB flash drive with manual
  • Technical info
    Pilot`s Height (cm)150-170160-185175-200
    Board Width (cm)32,534,937
    Board Depth (cm)34,536,839
    Suspension Points height (cm)404548
    Chest Strap Range (cm)38-4340-4643-49
    Harness Weight (kg)2,352,52,7
    CertificationEN / LTFEN / LTFEN / LTF
  • Accessories

    To accommodate the reserve you will need:

    A - Main carabiners (not included):

    • 2x main carabiner 45 mm 

    B - Container for reserve:

    • GII 2 & GII 2 alpha - is fully integrated
    • GII 2 front - front container optional 

    C - The harness could be equipped with the following reserves:

    • SKY SYSTEM II (recommended)
    • SKY SPARE light (recommended)
    • SKY LITE

    D - V-riser:

    • V risers for a reserve (not included)
    • or V dyneema strap / V dyneema line (not included) in case of SKY LITE reserve (applies for GII 2 front)

    E - V riser - reserve connection:

    • 1x maillon 6.0 CI rectangular is part of SKY SYSTEM II and SKY SPARE light reserves delivery
    • 1x maillon 5.0 NI oval is part of V dyneema strap / V dyneema line

    F - V riser - harness connection (applies for Gii 3 front):

    • 2x maillon 6.0 CI (rectangular) + 4x elastic bands for V risers for a reserve
    • 2x maillon 5.0 DI (triangle) + 4x elastic bands for V dyneema strap / V dyneema line
  • Download
    GII 2 certificationpdf

    EN / LTF certificates

    GII 2 manualpdf

    CZ / EN / DE / FR

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