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GII 2 / GII 2 FRONT / GII 2 ALPHA - The GII 2 is available in three versions. All are based on the already proven Gii 2 'chasis' and concept. That is to say, comfort, security, simplicity, ease of use, style and durability...
  • Product description

    Comfort, security, simplicity, style, durability and ease of use are what these harnesses are all about and all the Gii 2 harnesses have these features in Spades.

    Based on the already proven GII 2 'chasis' and concept offering huge versatility.

    Aimed at paragliding schools, tandem passengers and solo pilots who require things to be simple, light and durable. There is a version to fit all tastes and requirements.

    Three versatile solutions are available, all based on the proven GII 2 chasis:

    • GII 2 - Airbag protection with underseat integrated reserve container.
    • GII 2 FRONT - Airbag protection, no integrated reserve container. Front container optional.
    • GII 2 APLHA  - Foam protector with intergrated underseat reserve container.

    The main distinctive features are:

    • High stability in turbulence
    • High safety level
    • Airbag or foam back protection
    • Simple set up
    • Easy transition from take off to in-flight position
    • Low weight (Alpha 3.15 kg in M size)
    • Produced in three sizes S, M and L (150 cm to 200 cm of pilot’s height)
    • Laser cutting technology, sealing all seams
    • Certification EN/LTF

    The harnesses are delivered with:

    • Handy reserve fitting kit
    • Sky USB flash drive manual

    Please check the Accessories section for more information about the harness - reserve connection.

  • Technical info
    Pilot´s height (cm)150-170160-185175-200
    Board width (cm)32.534.937
    Board depth (cm)34.536.839
    Suspension points height (cm)404548
    Chest strap range (cm)38-4340-4643-49
    Harness weight (kg) - GII 22.452.602.80
    Harness weight (kg) - GII 2 FRONT2.302.452.65
    Harness weight (kg) - GII 2 APLHA3.053.153.35
    CertificationEN / LTFEN / LTFEN / LTF
  • Accessories

    To accommodate the reserve you will need:

    A - Main carabiners (not included):

    • 2x main carabiner 45 mm 

    B - Container for reserve:

    • GII 2 & GII 2 APLHA - is fully integrated
    • GII 2 FRONT - front container optional 

    C - The harness could be equipped with the following reserves:

    • SKY SYSTEM II (recommended)
    • SKY SPARE light (recommended)
    • SKY LITE

    D - V-riser:

    • V risers for a reserve (included with GII 2 & GII 2 ALPHA) - buy for GII 2 FRONT
    • or V dyneema strap / V dyneema line (not included) in case of SKY LITE reserve (applies for GII 2 FRONT)

    E - V riser - reserve connection:

    • 1x maillon 6.0 CI rectangular is part of SKY SYSTEM II and SKY SPARE light reserves delivery
    • 1x maillon 5.0 NI oval is part of V dyneema strap / V dyneema line

    F - V riser - harness connection (applies for GII 2 FRONT):

    • 2x maillon 6.0 CI (rectangular) + 4x elastic bands for V risers for a reserve
    • 2x maillon 5.0 DI (triangle) + 4x elastic bands for V dyneema strap / V dyneema line
  • Materials
    • Outer shell: Nylon fabric 210D ripstop, Dominico Textile, South Korea 
    • Under section: Cordura ® 500D, C.F. Weber, Germany 
    • Buckles: Austri Alpin, Austria
    • Webbing: Mouka Tisnov, Czech Republic
    • Zippers: YKK
    • Foam: Vita, Poland
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