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Developed by Sky Paragliders since 2004. Now classic 3D shaping of the leading edge for an aerodynamically cleaner canopy.

GAIA 2 is a smart EN A glider for entry-level pilots and paragliding schools with a good quality/price ratio.  Your first wing is the bedrock of your flying career. You need to be completely comfortable on as safe wing as possible. With GAIA 2 you are. GAIA 2 will motivate you to keep trying and doing better and better. It is a good choice for all pilots, who want to enjoy fun in flight.


  • Product description

    How we designed GAIA 2?

    We took the best from the previous model FIDES 5 and transformed it into a new training glider - optimized and sophisticated, but low on cost.  A canopy is upgraded using the most durable materials to improve its longevity. GAIA 2 is made to withstand intensive heavy duty training and groundhandling. Hypalon & Nylon rod nose construction enables high shape stability. Simple but robust design provides all the features you need for your intensive training.

    GAIA 2 is a training glider for schools and novice pilots looking for a safe and intuitive wing at a reasonable price. Maximum passive safety ensures that pilots with limited airtime have the most forgiving wing possible. GAIA 2 helps you to enhance your skills in the air and will stay with you for many flying hours. 

    Main features:

    • hypalon & Nylon rod nose construction
    • 3D cut with laser technology
    • well-proven ram-air pockets on bottom panels 
    • high passive safety
    • extremely easy inflation and take off
    • well balanced handling
    • long and progressive brake travel
    • predictible and forgiving behaviour
    • riser anti crease launch assist
  • Technical Data
    Flat area (m2)23.3025.2027.1329.34
    Flat span (m)10.4910.9111.3211.77
    Flat aspect ratio4.724.724.724.72
    Projected surface (m2)20.6822.3724.0826.05
    Projected span (m)8.328.658.989.33
    Projected aspect ratio3.353.353.353.35
    Number of cells38383838
    Weight of the glider (kg)4.204.454.755.1
    Take-off weight (kg)58-8273-9788-112102-130
    CertificationEN A/LTF A
  • Colours
  • Custom Colours
    Customise the colours of your SKY glider 

    To design your own glider, use the tool below. When you have decided on your own unique colour scheme COPY the name of glider and colours picked (e.g. GAIA 2: Blue / White / White / Black) into your order. ANY colour combination is available.

    Gliders with personalised colours are available only at extra cost. The delivery time depends on the load of the workshop and may vary depending.

    Enjoy the look of your unique SKY glider!
  • Materials


    • Panels: DOKDO-30 DMF (WR)
    • Leading edge: DOKDO-30 DMF (WR)
    • Ribs and diagonals: PORCHER SKYTEX 40 HARD



    • Strap: 20 mm PES 8400N
    • Quick links: Peguet 3,5 Delta Inox
  • R&D team comments

    When designing GAIA 2 we wanted to bring you the high quality training glider as a super economical solution.

    Our chief designer Alexadre Paux describes how we did it: 
    We used all the knowledge, latest high tech design, production techniques and CNC machinery to develop a smart school glider at a price affordable to the paragliding schools and novice pilots. Better distribution of the load chordwise, less deformation in turbulent conditions and in fact far more logical and easy sorting of the lines makes GAIA 2 to be a safe and predictable wing.  

  • Scope of delivery

    Package includes:

    • ECO BAG
    • T-shirt SKY TEAM. In Sky, a T-shirt gets as much attention as a paraglider. T-shirts are designed, cut, sewn and printed by us, in our manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic. They are made of cotton and bamboo fibres for comfort and durability.

    • Handy kit - a glider repair kit for quick repairs.

  • Download

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