Upravit stránku

Hey pilots!

What is it that keeps you busy now? Flying the paragliding simulators? Checking the pictures from your last flying trip? Dreaming of travelling to new destinations? Hoping this all will be over soon? 
Same here! 

We all hope that the COVID-19 will be over soon and we will fly again.
But what is happening in the paragliding productions? What keeps us busy these quarantine days? We should be busy delivering the gliders and dealing with complaints that we did not deliver on time, but instead...
Since the very first day of the lockdown and restrictions here, the Sky team focused all efforts on using all the possibilities we have, to get over it all soon. 

Besides the gliders, harnesses and all the accessories we started to produce the masks; we used the know-how we have, and we reacted within of hours. We delivered masks to those who during the early days of the coronavirus attacks suffered from the lack of the supplies most. We delivered to the local municipality, fire brigades and doctors.
And then, it showed up that the paragliding designers and their skills to design the masks in 3D shape can make the people happy. The demand for the 3D shaped masks with a special antibacterial filter increased, and they were (and still are) produced in vast quantities.

Two layers in cotton with a filter inside create perfect protection for about 96 hours, the two sizes we have are great for ladies and men, and the filter could be replaced.
We could not imagine the cutters, crosscheck points and all those technologies and excellent sewing skills would be used this way, but, yes, they are. Would you believe that?
No matter what is happening right now, the paragliding production is still here, and we hope it will get back to full power again in a couple of months. And the skills we have will be able to deliver the pleasure and joy to the pilots, to all of us.

So, in between, just, will you share with us you what you do? What is your typical day in quarantine? We would be happy to know. Share all your thoughts on the Facebook page with us. And should you need some masks for yourself, just let us know by email. We can do the same perfect service delivering gliders and delivering the masks and spare filters. 

Technical specs of what we produce:

  • Two layers of high-density cotton;
  • Easy to use laces to fix the masks;
  • 3D shape in two sizes (suitable even for kids);
  • In between filter based on unique silver-coated textile (StopBac with high protection efficiency);
  • The filter is ready to go for 96 hours, and then it is easily replaceable;
  • Virus and Bacteria safe production techniques and packaging.

Stay safe, stay well.