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The FIDES 4, being one of the flag ships of the whole SKY Paragliders range, has always been one of the most important gliders, because it is the entry for new pilots to discover our sport. This is why FIDES 4 is an excellent wing to fly and make your dreams of flight come true.

  • Product description

    FIDES 4, just like three generations of its ancestors, is certified as an EN A category and follows the legacy of antique goddess Fidés. Just like her, our FIDES 4 provides reliability and support to novice pilots looking for safety, easy steering and joy of their first shy steps into the sky.

    FIDES 4 is a robust glider for intensive use while preserving the qualities of flight and SKY Paragliders touch of handling and feeling. Our team led by Alexandre Paux reached the goal of designing a quality wing suitable and pleasant to fly for any pilot, matching the highest safety requirements, which allows the schools all over the world to use FIDES 4 as a training glider.

    The main distinctive features are:

    • fourth generation of our popular EN/LTF A glider
    • high passive safety
    • very easy take off
    • easy to inflate, provides enough time for pre-start checks
    • glider dedicated to a broad range of pilots from novices and flying schools to skilled pilots
    • well balanced handling to allow pilots to quickly master their flying skills
    • smooth flying and easy landing
    • predictable behavior with high brake range values
    • fast regeneration of canopy from frontal or side collapses, without necessity of pilots intervention
    • high durability of quality materials used
    • laser cutting technology and precision in every single step of production along with high tech materials guarantee uniqueness of each piece
    • if you are looking for full-scale glider suitable for practicing, FIDES 4 will be your first choice

    Each glider is delivered with:

    • porter bag
    • T-shirt SKY TEAM
    • SKY USB flash drive with manual

    Optional accessories:

    FIDES 4 is also delivered as a paramotoring wing and can be ordered with special PPG risers with the trimmer tabs, please note that the glider is not certified when used with PPG trimmers tabs.

  • Technical info
    Layout (m2)23.1125.0026.9129.11
    Layout span (m)10.4210.8411.2511.70
    Layout aspect ratio4.704.704.704.70
    Projected surface (m2)21.5122.1923.8925.84
    Projected span (m)8.278.608.929.28
    Projected aspect ratio3.333.333.333.33
    Number of cells38383838
    Weight of the glider (kg)4.154.404.705.00
    Take-off weight (kg)58-8273–9788–112102-130
    Trimspeed (km/h)37373737
    Min. speed (km/h)22222222
    Max. speed  (km/h)47474747
    Min. sink rate (m/s)
    CertificationEN A / LTF AEN A / LTF AEN A / LTF AEN A / LTF A
  • Colour scheme
  • Materials

    FIDES 4 (2013-2014)

  • Download
    FIDES 4 certificationpdf

    EN / LTF certificate

    FIDES 4 manualpdf

    CZ / EN / DE / FR

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