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FIDES 2 Evo is the worthy successor of FIDES 2. FIDES 2 Evo was redesigned to incorporate state of art materials and new features. This \"new\" glider was certified according to EN 926 certification procedures. Even though FIDES 2 Evo introduces many great improvements (new wingtip, new materials, new certification and new risers) its spirit in still rooted in Fides 2 so we still decided to call it evolution (therefore evo).

  • Product description

    FIDES 2 Evo is the successor of FIDES 2FIDES 2 Evo and was redesigned incorporating new, state of art materials and the whole glider was certified according to EN 926 certification procedures.

    Even though FIDES 2 Evo introduces a whole series of improvements (new wingtip, new material, new certification, new risers) we still decided to call it evolution (therefore evo) and not a new generation of glider (which would make it FIDES 3). During the development the team, led by Alexandre Paux of Switzerland, managed to reach outstanding performance attributes that is confirmed by the new EN certification methods. It's certified EN B.

    The amazing glider is especially well suited for use by professional schools (thanks to the new generation of SKYTEX used on the leading edge) and occasional pilots who enjoy maximum passive safety when coring thermals. Just check the manoeuvres and results of the procedures yourself: video – minimum weight , video – maximum weight

    The main distinctive performance features are:

    • high speed range (22–45 km/h)
    • high stability with minimal front and side collapses
    • if collapsed, the reopening is very smooth
    • easy take-off with no overshooting tendency
    • minimum pitching tendency even when regenerating from massive collapses
    • very stable in rough air
    • nice entering into the thermals with no losses due to the roll instability
    • very nice SKY handling
    • optimized for ground handling
    • high efficiency when thermalling
    • very low weight – only 4,8 kg (for the M size)
    • new materials used

    Each glider is delivered with:

    • free Porter bag
    • free T-shirt SKY TEAM
  • Technical info
    FIDES 2 EVO (2007-2011)XXSXSSML
    Layout (m2)20.7022.3624.1926.1728.30
    Layout span (m)9.9010.2510.6611.0911.54
    Layout aspect ratio4.
    Projected surface (m2)18.2019.6521.2623.0024.87
    Projected span (m)7.908.248.578.929.28
    Projected aspect ratio3.463.463.463.463.46
    Number of cells3838383838
    Weight of the glider (kg)
    Take-off weight (kg)48-7056-7469-9082-105100-130
    Trimspeed (km/h)3636363636
    Min. speed (km/h)2222222222
    Max. speed  (km/h)4545454545
    Min. sink rate (m/s)
    CertificationEN BEN BEN BEN BEN B
  • Materials


    The French company Porcher Sport, which is part of the NVC GROUP, supplies the glider fabric. In the last two years Porcher Marine have been heavily involved in fabric development; creating new and more durable coatings which has led to a new generation of materials that are known as New Skytex.

    The new coating is much more resistant to abrasion, humidity and UV light.

    All the upper panels and all the design pieces are produced from Skytex 40 Deperlant (water-repellent coating) material by Porchers Sport. The leading edge (heavily loaded part of the glider) is manufactured from Skytex 45 Evolution with a water based double sided coating. Bottom panels are manufactured from Skytex 40 with the Classic coating. Profiles and diagonals or diagonal segments are produced from Skytex 40 hard finish.

    The fabric is manufactured using the “Rip Stop” weave structure, out of superpolyamid (PA 6.6) by the American firm DU PONT.

    Line scheme

    The lines on the FIDES 2 are of the highest quality and are supplied by the German firm EDELRID. These lines have a  high resistance from mechanical abrasion as well as a high degree of length stability.

    The upper gallery of the line scheme (forks) is manufactured using the EDELRID lines 7550–080 (diameter 1 mm). The main lines are made of 7850–160 and 7850–200 (diameter 1,5 and 1,6 respectively). The core is made of “dyneema” and lines are covered by polyester sleeves.


    The risers are made from 20 mm wide webbing manufactured by our supplier MOUKA TIŠNOV. The suspension lines are connected to the risers by means of quick links (maillons) which come from the French supplier Maillon Rapide.

    In 2007 Sky Paragliders company was certified as a 100% SKYTEX partner for Porcher Marine fabrics. That allows us to use the latest development benefits and share them with all our pilots. Also the certification ensures that the whole glider is made of the same material and that SKY PARAGLIDERS do not combine the best available quality of Porcher with any other materials available on the market.

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