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We are passionate about innovative, lightweight design solutions that really make a positive difference to the pilot’s experience. When we go to fly, we want to enjoy every single moment of the day, from stepping out of the house to packing at the end of a great day flying.

  • Product description

    We are passionate about innovative, light weight design solutions that really make a positive difference to the pilot’s experience. When we go to fly, we want to enjoy every single moment of the day, from stepping out of the house, to packing at the end of a great days flying.

    EYRIE LIGHT wears our LIGHT LINE badge with pride and introduces new levels of detail with its Hybrid design to our range of rucksacks.

    Blending high tech, light, strong materials together, integrated into an efficient, slim anatomical design, EYRIE LIGHT is designed with real advantages, not only for the hike and fly enthusiast, but for the occasional pilot too that just prefers things to be more compact, stable and light with the qualities of a high level trekking rucksack.

    With 95L of internal volume and weighing in at only 750 grams, this fully optimized bag also features anatomically designed dual density carrying straps. Being born from the EYRIE pedigree means that the load distribution has been fine tuned for ultimate comfort, feel and mobility over months of severe testing.

    Practical utility pockets cater for all those small but necessary extras with easy access to all, even when on the move.

    Main features:

    • 750 g
    • 95 Liters volume
    • slim profile
    • anatomical design
    • durable light materials with Hybrid technology
    • access to external utility pockets whilst on the move
    • easy pack main zipper
    • removable waist strap
    • compression strap system

  • Materials

  • R&D comments

    With the growing trend for lighter weight gear and a surge in popularity for hike and fly style adventures, combined with other cross-over sports, we wanted to design a ruck sack specifically made for the job.

    It’s certainly not a case to just zooming down a larger, universal standard EYRIE.

    In EYRIE LIGHT, we wanted to design a bag that could accommodate most regular gliders, a SKYLIGHTER 3 type pod harness plus accessories, yet remaining slim and compact, offering high levels of comfort and stability along with excellent functionality to the level of a quality trekking rucksack.

    Hybrid thinking meant that we combined different types of material on different sections of the bag to achieve good levels of durability along with a low overall weight.

    We designed the shoulder strap system to be as minimalistic as possible, yet still offering the comfort that we were demanding.

    We achieved this by shaping the strap system to an anatomical design and combining two types of foam. Targeted weight distribution and excellent comfort were the result.

    The light weight compression strap system ensures neat compaction of the contents as well as load stability and unloading of the main zip system.

    Loading the bag needed to be a simple operation too. The cut of the main zipper allows for this by way of its 3D shaping.

    Hassel free utility pockets that were accessible on the move have been incorporated to make all those small tasks just that little bit easier; answering the phone, accessing the lift pass or just taking a drink all add to the comfortable experience offered by EYRIE LIGHT.

    Three months of severe testing brings you EYRIE LIGHT, so that you too can enjoy the LIGHT LINE experience even in the most severe terrain and conditions.

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