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Flat aspect ratio


Glider weight


Take-off weight



B to C steering system helps to iron out canopy movements in turbulent air at a full speed bar with minimal effect on performance.


Cross rods construction for right tension and accurate pressure in the leading edge.

V Bridge System

Technological solution for optimized Optimized load distribution and cleaner foil and compact canopy.

Triple 3D cut

3D shaping of the leading edge for a clean foil - two technical cuts on the top surface, one technical cut on the lower surface.

Mini Ribs

Mini Ribs make the trailing edge coherent, smooth and sharp and improve performance by streamlining the airflow on the wing.

EXOS 2 is a performance XC glider from our Sport-Line series. It perfectly blends performance, precision fun-handling and high safety with a reassuring feeling on those long and demanding flights. Featuring our latest technologies it is also really light, at only 3.45 kg in medium size.

  • Product description

    On long flights with strong thermals, a balanced and trustworthy wing is key. EXOS 2 delivers performance, speed, safety, and just the right amount of feedback from the surrounding air mass. Its superb and intuitive handling provides crisp reactions to any input, keeping the pilot´s mind free for tactical decisions.

    Despite its 6.4 aspect ratio, the launch characteristics of EXOS 2 are easy for a C-class wing. Improved pitch-dampening not only improves take-off but also adds peace of mind in bumpy thermals or on long accelerated valley-crossings, where the wing´s speed potential shines. A new combined B/C-steering system helps to iron out canopy movements in turbulent air at full throttle with minimal effect on performance.

    EXOS 2 is assembled with light, but durable materials utilizing all of our experience (30+ years) in the design and production of light wings. 3.45 kg in size M makes EXOS 2 suitable for even hike & fly or volbiv flights. 

    EXOS 2 is a performance XC glider from our Sport-Line series with a perfect balance of performance, safety and pure fun. Its target group are experienced C-class pilots but also skilled pilots wishing to make the transition from B-class, as EXOS 2 is intuitive to understand and control. 

    Why do pilots like EXOS 2?

    • Perfect turning behaviour with intuitive handling 

    • Just the right amount of feedback - informative, but not overwhelming

    • Good penetration into a headwind and thermal cores

    • Fast climbing and high efficiency in thermals

    • Improved pitch-dampening for a more relaxed feel

    • Convincing performance

    • High level of safety

    Main features:

    • XRC - Cross Rods Construction for right tension and accurate pressure of the leading edge. 

    • 3D shaping (2x on the top sail, 1x on the bottom sail) of the leading edge. A clean and smooth canopy benefits from significantly improved performance.

    • Proven three riser/line concept with split As. 

    • B/C steering system.

    • Made of durable, yet light fabric. 

    • Lightweight - only 3,45 kg for M size. 

    • Four bright colour combinations

  • Technical Data

    Flat area (m2)20.7822.1223.3824.88
    Flat span (m)11.5311.9012.2312.62
    Flat aspect ratio6.406.406.406.40
    Projected surface (m2)18.2419.4220.5321.84
    Projected span (m)9.479.7810.0510.37
    Projected aspect ratio4.924.924.924.92
    Number of cells65656565
    Glider weight (kg)3.303.453.603.80
    Take-off weight (kg)65-8575-9585-10595-120
    CertificationEN / LTF CEN / LTF CEN / LTF CEN / LTF C

  • Colours

  • Custom Colours

    Customise the colours of your SKY glider 

    To design your own glider, use the tool below. When you have decided on your own unique colour scheme COPY the name of glider and colours picked (e.g. EXOS 2: orange / blue ) into your order. ANY colour combination is available.

    Gliders with personalised colours are available only at extra cost. The delivery time depends on the load of the workshop and may vary depending.

    Enjoy the look of your unique SKY glider!

  • Materials


    • Panels: Porcher Skytex 27

    • Leading edge: Porcher Skytex 32

    • Diagonals & tension tapes: Porcher Skytex 32

    • Ribs: Porcher Skytex 32


    • Upper cascade: DC 60 - Liros, unsheathed

    • Middle cascade: VLD 110 - Cousin, unsheathed

    • Lower lines: VLD 220, VLD 160 - Cousin, unsheathed

    • Brake lines upper: DC 60 - Liros, VLD 110, VLD 220 - Cousin unsheathed

    • Main brake lines:7850-200 - Edelrid, sheathed 

    • Webbing: 13 mm polyester -Mouka Tišnov

    • Maillons: 3.5 Delta - Peguet

    • Pulleys: ball bearing Orbit S20 -  Ronstan; A2020Pti3 - Allen Brothers

  • R&D team comments

    Designer Alexandre Paux

    Pilots loved the first generation´s handling and EXOS also proved to show very consistent and safe behaviour during SIV courses. For some pilots, however, EXOS was bringing too much feedback about the surrounding air. For the EXOS 2, we strove to achieve the perfect match between the amount of information that an experienced pilot is asking for and the feedback about the surrounding air mass supplied by the canopy. This better balance of pitch throughout the wingspan made the glider easier to understand in-flight and allowed to give the pilot a reassuring feeling that now matches the wing’s true safety level. With no surprise, this new balance in pitch also brought an improved take-off behaviour and a better glide, even more, noticeable in bumpy air conditions.

    Sky Team test pilot Artoosh Ghafoorian

    The first thing I want to say about EXOS 2 is that when you hold it in your hand you find out that it's a pretty light glider compared to his category. Well, when you have light equipment you are not worried to have some hiking for take-off or after cross country. Usually, a light glider with high performance was a bit more demanding than a regular glider but on EXOS 2 you could face really easy inflation and air born. EXOS 2 is fast C with easy handling, the glider has been designed to bring logical feedback from all spans to the pilot then a pilot will not miss weak thermals.
    Also with nice brake range will allow the pilot to get dynamic turn on strong thermals.
    A soft and effective speed bar is highly helpful to have a nice speed to fly to find out the best glide ratio.
    SIV was an easy deal for EXOS 2 because of nice behaviour on a stall and spin tendency, collapse and all the other manoeuvres give me the feeling that how comfortable it is.
    With B/C system which is very soft and does not make the pilot tired of pulling in long flight pilot is able to create an easy nice best glide. Max performance for maximum comfort.

  • Scope of delivery

    Package includes:

    • Sky Compact Bag fast and easy packing with anti-snag protection on the zipper.

    • T-shirt SKY TEAM. At Sky, a T-shirt gets as much attention as a paraglider. T-shirts are designed, cut, sewn and printed by us, in our manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic. They are made of cotton and bamboo fibres for comfort and durability.

    • Handy kit - a glider repair kit for quick repairs. It contains a versatile tool and self-adhesive Skytex.

  • Download

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