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Triple 3D cut

3D shaping of the leading edge for a clean foil - two technical cuts on the top surface, one technical cut on the lower surface.


Leading Edge Optimization. Composite nose construction brings precise tension, pressure & structure and stability.

V Bridge System

Technological solution for optimized Optimized load distribution and cleaner foil and compact canopy.

Mini Ribs

Mini Ribs make the trailing edge coherent, smooth and sharp and improve performance by streamlining the airflow on the wing.

Flat aspect ratio


Glider weight


Take-off weight


EXOS is a performance XC paraglider from our Sport-Line series. It is a fully technologically loaded glider weighing only 4.05 kg in medium size which balances precision handling, stability and performance, together with a confidence inspiring ride.
  • Product description

    EXOS is a performance XC paraglider from our SPORT-LINE series.

    It is a fully technologically loaded glider weighing only 4.05 kg in medium size which balances precision handling, stability and performance, together with a confidence inspiring ride.

    EXOS is a three liner design incorporating LEO (Leading Edge Optimization) design and Triple 3D shaping on a moderate aspect ratio platform.

    It is a glider which is designed to provide the skilled XC hungry pilot real potential to excel, whilst remaining both a practical & honest performance EN C category glider.

    Main features

    • penetrating & efficient glide
    • efficient climbing ability
    • smooth intuitive handling
    • C riser controls
    • composite leading edge
    • low weight

    Each glider is delivered with:

  • Technical Data
    Flat area (m2)20.7822.1223.3824.88
    Flat span (m)11.5311.9012.2312.62
    Flat aspect ratio6.406.406.406.40
    Projected surface (m2)18.2419.4220.5321.84
    Projected span (m)9.479.7810.0510.37
    Projected aspect ratio4.924.924.924.92
    Number of cells65656565
    Glider weight (kg)3.904.054.204.40
    Take-off weight (kg)65-8575-9585-10595-120
    CertificationEN / LTF CEN / LTF CEN / LTF CEN / LTF C
  • Colours
  • Custom Colours
    Customise the colours of your SKY glider 

    To design your own glider, use the tool below. When you have decided on your own unique colour scheme COPY the name of glider and colours picked (e.g. EXOS: blue / pink / black) into your order. ANY colour combination is available.

    Gliders with personalised colours are available only at extra cost. The delivery time depends on the load of the workshop and may vary depending.

    Enjoy the look of your unique SKY glider!
  • Materials


    • Panels: NCV  Skytex 70032 1580 E3W (universal 32 g/m2), Porcher Sport, France

    • Leading edge: NCV  Skytex 70032 1580 E3W (universal 32 g/m2), Porcher Sport, France

    • Diagonals & tension tapes: NCV  Skytex 9017 1580 E29A (hard finish 40 g/m2Porcher Sport, France

    • Ribs & mini ribs: NCV  skytex 70032 1580 E4D (hard finish 32 g/m2), Porcher Sport, France


    • Upper cascade: LIROS DC000-0060 – diameter 0.6 mm, unsheathed, coated Dyneema ®LIROS,Germany

    • Middle cascade: COUSIN TRESTIC Vectraline ultimate 12210 – diameter 0.9 mm, unsheathed, coated, Cousin Trestec, France

    • Lower lines: LIROS PPSL 200 / 160 / 120 sheathed Dyneema ® – diameters 1.42 / 1.4 / 1.15 mm, LIROS, Germany

    • Brake lines upper: LIROS DC000-0060 unsheathed, coated Dyneema ® – diameter 0.6 mm, LIROS, Germany

    • Main brake lines: EDELRID 7850-100 / 7850-200 sheathed Dyneema ® – diameters 1.2 / 1.7 mm, EDELRID, Germany


    • Webbing: 13 mm polyester; Mouka Tišnov, Czech Republic

    • Maillons: 3.5 Delta; Peguet, France 

    • Pulleys: ball bearing Orbit S20, Ronstan, Australia

  • R&D team comments

    As well as enhancing EXOS’S performance by utilizing our latest design technology, high quality materials and manufacturing processes, it was equally important to us that we design EXOS as a practical and also user friendly glider.

    Chief designer Alexandre Paux takes up the story;

    “Based on a 6.4 aspect ratio platform, she is not extreme, yet we were able to reach extremely good levels of performance whilst coming with an honest glider within the C performance class to suit to the skilled XC pilot.”

    “Our continuous R & D work and attention to detail with line materials means we deliver EXOS with an optimized line set up with regards to practicality, performance and strength (including working strength over the life of the glider) by blending sheathed lower lines with unsheathed upper lines of varying diameters.”

    Here at Sky Paragliders we believe that precise and predictable handling allows the pilot to extract the performance from within the wing and thus more able to fully apply himself to the task of flying well, resulting in longer, safer and happier flights.

    Sky Team designer Cyprian Koren explains how this works for him.

    “For me, the real performance and safety is derived, not only from an efficient wing but one that enables me to access & extract comfortably the full potential that lies within. I need a wing that communicates well but without being over fussy. A wing that is too dead can create a false sense of security. EXOS is designed to be balanced and informative.  When I hit the bar on that long transition I want to feel that the wing is content, yet tells me when to adjust pitch & pressure. When I enter the rough small thermal, I want to know that I can quickly & precisely increase my bank angle to exploit every last drop of available lift. You could say that usable performance increases my performance and the EXOS’S design certainly has been designed to allow for this.”

    One of the contributors which bring our well known handling characteristics and predictable recovery behavior is the low weight of the wing.

    Michal Sotek, Sky technologist explains;

    “We know that every gram that we can save on the wing is a step forward to improving handling and security. Lowering inertia in the wing is extremely important. We have used SKYTEX 32 for both top and bottom surfaces offering lightness & durability. The internal structure of EXOS is a blend of SKYTEX 40 g for diagonals and tension tapes with SKYTEX 32 g for main and mini rib profiles.  A combination which offers stability, strength and lightness throughout the internal structure of the wing. The result of which is a 4.05 g M size glider that remains practical for regular use.”

  • Story behind the new design

    Our Sport-line Series is all about beautifully crafted performance enhanced products.

    We meticulously produce these products to include all our very latest innovative details and features that combine and add up to make class leading and cutting edge differences, without compromise, that our performance minded customer’s desire.

    We seriously believe that true performance comes from the right match of pilot and wing. The same statement equally and firmly, applies also to safety.

    And so, the Sport, Comfort & Light lines were born to perfectly address these statements and allow our design team to fulfill many different pilots’ needs, whilst offering the most suitable product for the individual pilot. Choosing the most suitable product becomes an easy, pleasurable and logical experience for any level of pilot.

    You will find the same philosophy flowing throughout all our products, whether it be a glider, reserve, harness or the smallest of items such as a speed bar or brake handle.

    Our young and dynamic additions to our traditional design team have injected the Sport-line with passion and performance, based upon a solid design platform which has evolved for over 25 years at Sky.

    EXOS was born from these philosophies and strong beliefs, a true Sky thoroughbred which honestly defines our new Sport line glider series.

    Whilst this glider is cutting edge and certainly not for inexperienced pilots, it offers the skillful pilot the ultimate performance and in-flight experience within its class whilst retaining the sublime handling that Sky pilots around the world adore.

    Design Features

    A glider that is sexy and functional.

    New nose, new foil, new line distribution, higher aspect ratio. Welcome to the world of the Sport-line. We wanted to produce a wing that was truly technologically enhanced, stylish and class leading. It comes in the form of EXOS.

    Creating EXOS with a drag reducing 3 line concept and at the same time creating a stable nose section at higher speeds meant that our story was just beginning.

    Load distribution dictated that a slightly thicker profile was required compared to our previous models. We kept this foil clean with our Triple 3D cut, a double 3D cut on the top surface and single on the lower.

    The V Bridge internal structure manages load distribution whilst reducing ballooning and flattening of the cells.

    Our LEO (Leading Edge Optimization) was derived at after extensive testing.

    A closer look reveals its unique structure and blend of materials which offer both aerodynamic and practical advantages.

    The shape of the nose and the air intake position is optimized for excellent pressure values throughout the speed range whilst the nylon rods, Hypalon and Mylar help to maintain nose stability due to its extended distance beyond the A line attachments. Traditionally, leading edge nylon rods are a point for abrasion so we moved the rods slightly inboard from the top surface to fix this and kept the rigidity by using the composite structure.

    Finally, cell supporting mini ribs in the trailing edge are the finishing touches to complete a very clean and thus efficient foil.

    The blend of all these innovations work together in harmony to produce stunning handling and performance. 

  • Download

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