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EXCITE is harness specially designed for advanced, cross country and competition pilots.
  • Product description

    The main suspension points are quite low and the design emphasizes the need for active (weight shifting) flying. It is delivered with in-built protector of 14 cm and in-built speed system with the leg support. EXCITE harness is a specially designed harness for pilots experienced enough to handle the active way of flying (weight shifting and the adequate reactions for collapses).

    The main features are:

    • Low weight
    • Back padding made of thermo active materials
    • Compact shape
    • ABS system – easily adjustable by the chest strap
    • Rescue in the harness centre of gravity
    • Rescues handle is very easy to reach
    • Rescue handle for the left handed and right handed pilots
    • Pocket big enough to accommodate all the stuff including the CamelBag
    • Side pockets covered with the elastics material for easy reach of – let say – gloves
    • Two level speed system with the automatic blocking system
    • Detachable leg support

    Weight of the EXCITE is 5,3 kg with the back protector / 4,75 kg without the back protector. (for the M size)

    EXCITE is supplied in M, L and XL sizes. Please check the sizes.

    EXCITE is available in black-red and black-blue.

    The harness is delivered with:

    • Harness itself
    • 14 cm back protector
    • Speed system and two hooks
    • Main carbines
    • Leg support

    Optional accessories:

    • Small carbines for easy attachment of the ballast bag to the main suspension points
  • Technical info
    EXCITE140–155 cm156–170 cm171–185 cm186–200 cm200 cm - ...
    0 -50 kg-S---
    51–60 kgSSMM-
    61–70 kgSMML-
    71–80 kgMMMLXL
    81–90 kgMMLLXL
    91–100 kg-LLXLXL
    101–110 kg-LXLXL-
    111–120 kg--XL--
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