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Practice makes perfect and the new SKY EOLE is probably the best training glider on the market to get you there. The EOLE is a ground handling training glider which is fun for experienced pilots and a must have for novice pilots, students and training schools.

Flat aspect ratio


3D cut

The system developed by Sky Paragliders in 2004 and in use since then. It is traditional 3D shaping of the leading edge for an aerodynamically clean canopy.

Glider weight


  • Product description

    EOLE takes its name from the ancient teachers. And following the steps of its ancient predecessors it is aimed for those, who would like to PRACTICE TO BECOME PERFECT.

    Experienced pilots enjoy it, as it is so much fun to play and ground handle the glider (not limiting the life span of his or her beloved regular glider) and instructors in training schools appreciate how fast students can pick up and master, safely, the basics of the controls and take offs, even if the weather conditions are not suited for the regularly sized gliders due to higher winds or unstable thermic conditions.

    Not to mention the fact that the life span of the regular school gliders could be doubled or even tripled as they are being not used for so much demanding ground handling with total beginner students.

    The main distinctive features are:

    • easy inflation in both forward and reverse launches, realistic to a regular sized glider unlike other training gliders available
    • the small surface area enables safer training in stronger wind  conditions, offering more available training days for both students, training schools and experienced pilots
    • the EOLE reacts quicker than a regular sized glider, making students and  experienced pilots alike, much more skilful in their wing control techniques on regular sized gliders
    • an economic solution to saving the wear and tear of your regular sized gliders whilst ground handling or training
    • so much more fun for pilots to safely practice the art of ground handling or who want to just learn new wing handling tricks and techniques
    • durable materials are used for the heavy loads encountered during training and practising
    • recommended and endorsed by UKPPG (United Kingdom Powered Paragliding) training school in the UK
    • SKY’s high quality of contruction and manufacture that you have grown to expect


    Each glider is delivered with:

    • innerbag
    • packing strap

    Optional accessories:

    EOLE is supplied with standard risers or can be fitted with PPG trimmer risers for particular training needs like paramotor schools.

  • Technical Data
    Flat area (m2)12.76
    Flat span (m)7.5
    Flat aspect ratio4.4
    Projected surface (m2)10.59
    Projected span (m)8.89
    Projected aspect ratio5.83
    Number of cells27
    Weight of the glider (kg)2.65
  • Colours
  • Materials

    EOLE is manufactured with SKY‘s state of the art technologies, with CNC cutting devices and automated line cutting to ensure the best quality possible.

    The way the glider is made can be viewed in the short video here.

    The upper and lower panels of the glider are constructed of Dokdo 30. The main ribs and diagonals are made of Skytex 40. The main lines and the upper gallery lines are supplied by COUSIN and EDELRID. The risers are made of the MOUKA strap material and the risers are 20 mm in width.

    Our manufacturing facility is located in EUROPE, in the Czech Republic, and the manufacturing process is ISO certified.


  • R&D team comments

    You told us: "You should bring out a real scale glider that will be small, durable and will be perfect for training and ground handling with characteristics of a full sized glider." So we did it. We designed the EOLE, with inputs from UKPPG and other paraglider and paramotoring training schools from around the world and produced the final result that serves this goal perfectly and the EOLE was born.

    The EOLE is small and light, easy to inflate in both alpine style and reverse style or even if you are the fan of cobra style take offs. We decided to pay particular attention to the extra strong materials which offer high resistance and long ground handling time.

    So, here we are, we gave birth to the EOLE, which is a must have for all training schools and fun for all levels of pilots.

  • Download
    EOLE manualpdf

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