Upravit stránku

Sky Paragliders can not miss such a great event! 

We will gladly show you all our hot news such as EXOS 2 (EN C) AYA 2  (EN A) and new tandem harnesses TWIN 2 and PAX evo.  Demo gliders will be present ;)

Would you like to talk to our designer or test pilot about the news to come?
Come and chat with them, you can look behind the scenes about our:

  • KOOKY 2 already rides the sky and has excellent feedback.  If you are an acro fan, come to talk about that new coming beast!
  • The new proto of 2-liner EN-D looks very promising for next season. The chief designer had a very nice dream about it, so it must be true :D
  • QUATRO light - new light-square reserve...

The place of our stand has its usual place over the years, so you can find us easily! 
If you need to collect family points take your whole clan with you!
Because Coupe Icare is again open to the big public as we knew it before 2020. Flying carnival will dazzle your kids while you can choose in tranquillity your new Sky wing!

Come to see us! We are looking forward to meeting you!


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