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For those early steps into the air under power, ease, simplicity and fun must rank highly on the scale of priorities.

Flat aspect ratio


3D cut

The system developed by Sky Paragliders in 2004 and in use since then. It is traditional 3D shaping of the leading edge for an aerodynamically clean canopy.

Glider weight


Take-off weight



  • Product description

    For those early steps into the air under power, ease, simplicity and fun must rank highly on the scale of priorities, and this is what CIMA PWR is all about.

    Beneath the skin of CIMA PWR, runs deep the philosophy of Sky Paragliders which makes this possible.

    CIMA PWR’s design thus dedicates itself to opening the world of Paramotoring to a whole new generation of pilots by offering simple launching, predictable pitch & roll stability along with a high lift profile for slow and effective take-off & landing and in-flight comfort.

    A wing that will take you from beginning to beyond, that’s CIMA PWR.

    Main Features:

    • high lift profile
    • easy inflation
    • skytex water repellant fabric
    • structured leading edge
    • light & strong
    • versatile speed range
    • trimmer & accelerator risers
    • high/low optional hang points

    CIMA PWR is a wing for Pilots who:

    • are looking for their first PPG wing
    • fly occasionally
    • prefer a low workload with undemanding flights

    Each glider is delivered with:

  • Technical Data
    Flat Surface (m2)19.7521.3723.122527.1329.34
    Flat Span (m)9.399.7710.1710.5711.0111.45
    Flat Aspect Ratio4.474.474.474.474.474.47
    Project Surface (m2)16.8318.2119.7021.323.1225.01
    Project Span (m)8.028.348.679.029.49.78
    Project Aspect Ratio3.823.823.823.823.823.82
    Number of cells424242424242
    Glider weight (kg)4.34.454.654.85.05.2
    Take-off weight (kg)50-8560-10070-12080-14095-160115-180
    CertificationEN 926-1DGAC / EN 926-1DGAC / EN 926-1DGAC / EN 926-1DGAC / EN 926-1EN 926-1
    Max. load at 6G (kg)206206206206206206
  • Colours
  • Custom Colours
  • Materials


    • Panels: Skytex 9017 E25, (universal 38 g/m2); Porcher Sport, France

    • Leading edge: Skytex 9017 E25, (universal 38 g/m2); Porcher Sport, France

    • Ribs and diagonals: Skytex 9017 E29 hard finish 40 g/m2Porcher Sport, France


    • Top lines: sheathed Dyneema lines Edelrid 7850-100 and 7850-80 – diameter 1.2 and 1.0 mmy

    • Main lines: sheathed Dyneema lines Cousine Ultimate 1.9 mm and 1.5 mm

    • Brake lines: sheathed Dyneema lines Edelrid 7850-080 / 7850-100 / 7850-200 – diameters 1.0 mm / 1.2 mm / 1.7 mm


  • R&D team comments

    We know that pilot workload is extremely high in those early days of taking to the air.

    We have designed CIMA PWR to decrease this workload as much as possible and to inject as much fun and smiles as possible, and not just for the early days.

    Many small details add up to make this possible, such as the structured leading edge to assist on those nil wind take-offs or the use of Skytex fabric to shed the moisture on those dewy early mornings.

    Even the CARRY ALL BAG we specifically designed to make your day run as smooth as possible.

    These are just a few of the many details that we engineered into this wing. The rest, well, you will probably only know they exist because you land with a smile.

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