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CAB - Just simply carry away all the stuff you have with you during your afternoon flying...
  • Product description

    Just simply  & quickly carry away all your gear in one bundle.

    No need to pack and re pack the glider for transporting to the take off or car. The storage pocket is integrated into the system and allows you to pack the carry all bag into itself within a minute when not in use.

    The system is equipped with two handles for easy manipulation and a simple shoulder strap system too.

    Diameter of CAB / CAB Light - 120 cm
    Height of CAB / CAB Light - 50 cm

    CAB - 750 g
    CAB Light - 650 g

    Distinctive features:

    • no need to fully pack the glider after landing
    • very light and very small
    • easy to carry and easy to pack
    • integrated stowage pocket

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