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BRONTES - performed glider in DHV 2 category.

  • Product description

    The name BRONTES comes from ancient Greek “THUNDER”. When developing this glider we tried to merge the characteristics of both the FIDES and the ATIS.

    We came up with a glider that offers the best qualities of both previous wings, and also extends the performance to the limit of the DHV 2 category.

    While we were seeking limits of its performance, and flight dynamics, we remained firmly focused on making a glider that was both safe and a real pleasure to fly.

    We believe that we have managed to develop a wing with outstanding performance, maximum stability and sensitive handling. The BRONTES responds readily to pilot input; its response is precise and measured.

    The BRONTES has also passed tests for flying with a paramotor and is a big hit for those after maximum performance and manoeuvrability. The BRONTES is the ideal choice for competition flying or paramotoring.

    Each glider is delivered with:

    • free Porter bag
    • free SKY TEAM T-shirt
  • Technical info
    BRONTES (2002-2006)SML
    Layout (m2)24.7726.8829.07
    Layout span (m)11.4511.9212.40
    Layout aspect ratio5.295.295.29
    Projected surface (m2)21.7923.6425.57
    Projected span (m)9.469.8610.25
    Projected aspect ratio4.114.114.11
    Number of cells595959
    Take-off weight (kg)65-9580-110100-130
    Trimspeed (km/h)373737
    Min. speed (km/h)242424
    Max. speed  (km/h)525252
    Max. gliding ratio> 8> 8> 8
    Min. sink rate (m/s)< 1.1< 1.1< 1.1
  • Download
    BRONTES reviewpdf

    Review - Gleitschirm, 1988, DE

    BRONTES - reviewpdf

    Review - Fly and Glide, 1988

    BRONTES certificationpdf


    BRONTES reviewpdf

    Review - Parapente, 1988, ES

    BRONTES manualpdf

    CZ / EN / DE / FR

    BRONTES reviewpdf

    Review - VL

    BRONTES Lines planpdf

    Lines plan

    BRONTES reviewpdf

    Review - SW

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