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What is going on:

We owe you some explanations because many of you have been asking about the new generation of our high-B glider - APOLLO 3. We appreciate your interest and patience. Currently, the first size is in the certification process, and all is going well. We firmly believe that by the end of June, the most common sizes will be ready.

What was going on:

Early spring posed challenges for us with frequent rain over the Air Turquoise area and a few issues in certification tests, leading to significant delays in our processes. We pushed hard on new tests of the prototype and fine-tuned a few tiny issues. We have achieved the perfect blend of performance and comfort, which is essential for serious XC flights.

What to expect:

Regarding designer notes, APOLLO 3 emerges from the Drift Edition kitchen, and you will immediately feel it at take-off. The sporty feeling is ever-present each time you push the bar or enter the core. However, don't be misled, forgiving nature is ingrained in the wing because your main concern in the high B category is to enhance your skills in a peaceful manner!



Flat surface (m²)21.6823.7525.8027.9030.40
Aspect ratio5.
Number of cells5757575757
Glider weight (kg)44.304.604.905,20
Weight range (kg)57-7870-9282-10595-119108-133
CertificationEN B pending


Standa Klikar designer:

When creating a wing, the first thing to do is to determine a few important parameters that will direct the characteristics of that particular wing. I have chosen medium aspect ratio values for the APOLLO 3 glider and retained the proven concept of three rows chordwise across the canopy span. We spared no expense in bracing and supporting the load-ribs and non-load-ribs for a smooth surface and aerodynamically clean airflow.

The aim was to achieve the most versatile result possible and ensure our wing didn't scare pilots from lower "B" wings with less flight time, but not to be despised by experienced matadors.


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