Upravit stránku

Again, after a year, we are closer to the time when all paragliding enthusiasts gather from all corners of the globe, at the most significant free flight festival in the world - Coupe Icare. This breathtaking event takes place on 20-23 September 2018 in St Hillaire du Touvet, at the base located in a mountain saddle at the foot of the Dent de Crolles in the Alps on the Rhône River. This event is often referred to as Woodstock of Free Flying. Exhibitions will be held in the village, over the meadows and in the air for three days.

You will be able to try not only seats such as TRANSFORMER, CRUX, SKYLIGHTER 3, GII 3, but we will also introduce the complete novelty of parachutes and harnesses, which have not yet seen the light of the world, and which we are finalising at the "last minute".

Here are a few pictures from last Coupe Icare events: