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Elevate Your Tandem Experience

Embark on tandem flights with confidence, equipped with the  QUATRO LIGHT 225, our cutting-edge reserve parachute meticulously crafted for payloads up to 225 kg*.

  • Product description

    As a seasoned pilot, you demand reliability, swift deployment, and minimal sink rate from your rescue parachute. Imagine all these features coupled with unparalleled lightness, compactness, and effortless packing. Your dream gear is here – the QUATRO LIGHT 225.

    Lightness and Compactness:

    Setting a new benchmark in tandem rescue parachutes, the QUATRO LIGHT 225 weighs just under 1% of the maximum payload. This lightweight marvel ensures swift deployment and revolutionizes the packing process. Say goodbye to lugging around bulky equipment and focus your energy on soaring through the skies.

    Quick Deployment and Opening:

    Crafted from lightweight, low-porosity fabric and featuring shortened lines, the QUATRO LIGHT 225 guarantees rapid deployment and opening. Surpassing certification requirements for smaller parachutes, it effortlessly handles 60% more load, offering extra security for your tandem adventures.

    Easy to Pack:

    Our extensive expertise has culminated in a packing process designed for simplicity and efficiency:

    • Specially developed, light yet robust fabric ensures easy handling without the slippery nightmare.
    • A divided canopy with colour-coded panels streamlines the visual packing process.
    • Cleverly distributed packing loops maintain line tension, making the square parachute easy to handle.
    • Plain, rectangular panels facilitate a smooth S-folding of the canopy for effortless placement into the inner container.
    • A five-flap inner container guarantees a neat and protected coiling of the lines.

    Easy to Repair and Tune:

    In the face of emergencies, training, or unexpected mishaps, damaged lines are effortlessly replaceable thanks to reef knots securing risers and lines. Adjusting to your preferences, whether transitioning from standard short loop risers to long V-risers, is a breeze.

    *Payload = pilot & passenger, including all flying gear except the paraglider 

  • Technical info

    Area (m2)48
    Min. payload (kg)*169
    Max. payload (kg)*225
    Sink rate at max. payload (m/s)*


    Centre line length (mm)7000
    Volume (l)6.8
    Weight of the rescue (kg2.15  (+ - 1.5%)
    CertificationEN 12491 / LTF

    * Payload = Total take-off weight without weight of the paraglider.

  • Materials

    • Reserve: Sky Paragliders, ORTEX 22, nylon 6.6 22 dtex
    • Lines: Edelrid, PAX 160, high-density polyethylene
    • Central lines: Edelrid, RESTRIX 150, polyamide
    • Riser: Cousin, DYNALIGHT PRO, Dyneema

  • R&D comments

    The QUATRO LIGHT 225, weighing a mere 2,150 kg, results from our quest for a safe, practical, and easy-to-pack tandem rescue parachute. Our custom low-porosity fabric, coupled with short lines, guarantees rapid deployment, while our streamlined packing process enhances efficiency throughout the parachute's lifespan.

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