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The power of versatility of the Gii 5 series! Here comes the third and flawless configuration to break into the world of aerobatics Gii 52!

  • Product description

    Are you new to the world of aerobatics? Gii 52 is here to guide you through your first steps. Gii 52 can perform many aerobatic tricks, such as a Mac Twist, Helico or Infinity.It is essential to take your time in the world of acrobatics. Gii 52 is designed to support beginners in acrobatics. You don't necessarily need an acro wing for your first tricks. Still, it would help if you had two rescue containers, a strong seatboard, and stainless steel carabiners. Gii 52 provides all this and more to help you get started safely!

    Originally from the Gii5, the redesigned 4S strap system ensures comfort and simplifies getting in and out of the harness. Just lift your knees to assume a sitting position, and for landing, easily stretch your legs out.

    Enhanced roll stability during flight is achieved with a narrower reinforced seat board and revised ABS geometry, maintaining the ease of weight shift - which is the basis of any active flying and an absolute must in acro flying.

    With its new design, you can carry two rescues, ensuring peace of mind during even the most leisurely flights up to first acro tricks or SIV.

    The Gii 52 is universal for protectors, accommodating either a foam back protector or the Sky Blow Bag, reducing bulk and weight. We recommend not using Sky BlowBag during the SIV.

    The Gii 52 also has generic accessories, such as large side pockets on both sides (a removable radio pocket on the left shoulder strap and space for a Camelbak in the back. Those petite things increase the utility value of the Gii 52, which will serve not only as an acrobatic harness but also as a standard harness with extra safety.

    The main distinctive features are:

    • Two rescue containers,
    • Reinforced seat board to support higher G's,
    • Stainless steel carabiners,
    • Revised Sky Safety Strap System (4S) for enhanced comfort and user-friendliness,
    • Compatible with foam back protector or Sky BlowBag,
    •  Easy in-flight strap adjustments,
    • Innovative safe-T chest buckle connected to the left leg strap, preventing accidental oversights
    • Improved in-flight stability due to a narrower seat board and refined ABS geometry,
    • Removable radio pocket,
    • Durable materials.


  • Technical info

    Gii 52ML
    Pilot´s height (cm)160-185175-200
    Board width (cm)3335
    Board depth (cm)3739
    Suspension points height (cm)4548
    Chest strap range (cm)40-4643-49
    Harness weight  with foam protector* (kg)4.554.70
    Harness weight  with inflatable protector* (kg)4.254.40
    CertificationEN / NfL

    * Weight includes seat-board, rescue handles, speed system, carabiners, and integrated V-bridle for the rescue parachute.


  • Accessories

    To accommodate the reserve you will need:

    A - Main carabiners:

    • 2x main carabiner 45 mm 

    B - Container for reserve:

    • is fully integrated

    C - The harness could be equipped with the following reserves:

    D - V-riser:

    E - V riser - reserve connection:

    F – V-riser – harness connection is not needed. One piece of the V-riser is sewn to the harness and cannot be detached.

  • Materials

    • Outer shell: Nylon fabric 210D, PES 600D, zippers YKK
    • Webbing: PES 33mm 11kN, PES 25mm 9,5kN,
    • V-riser for reserve: PAD 20mm, 16kN
    • Buckles: COBRA™ AustriAlpin, FINSTERWALDER HSi501
    • Carabiners: POWERFLY Slide Autolock, AustriAlpin 45

  • R&D comments

    Artoosh Ghafourian Sky test pilot:

    As an SIV/Acro Instructor, I understand that it's safer to have two rescue options instead of just one. This same principle applies to all pilots, especially in specific situations like auto rotations. Our team came up with the idea of providing this safety feature not only for acro pilots but for all pilots. The Gii 52 harness is a combination of stability for your first flights, comfort for long thermal flying, and stability for learning maneuvers like the helicopter or infinity. It features two large side pockets, a radio pocket, and a camelback pocket, making the Gii 52 an all-in-one solution.

  • Scope of delivery

    Harnesses are delivered with:

    • Pre-installed one V riser for a reserve

    • Two rescue handle

    • Stainless steel carabiners

    • Speed system

    • Handy reserve fitting & maintenance kit

    • Removable radio pocket

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