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  • QUATRO LIGHT 160 - new lightweight rescue

    We rarely start development by having to develop the fabric. Here it was different. In order to push the boundaries, we had to develop a special


      So what, pilots? Did you miss something last fall too? We will make up for it many times this year! Expositions, testival, movies and

  • Meet Mahmoud Lashgari, acro pilot and Sky Paragliders Iranian dealer

    Iran. Home of One thousand and one night tales. High mountains, beautiful countryside, sea. Good flying conditions all around the year. A pilot's ...

  • Holiday at Sky
    26 to 30 July 2021.
  • KUDOS 2

      The reliable buddy that will lead you to your first ambitious XC flights.

  • Gii 4 is a harness with an integrated airbag.

     Our goal is to always create products that provide the best possible experience. The drive to make good things better and better things excellent...